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A view of the "wooden city" that lay behind the prosperous core area.

View of the bridge along the "Siberian Highway" on the north-eastern outskirts of town.

A view over the rooftops of the centrally-located Peter and Paul Cathedral.

"Kazan": Panorama of the city depicted at the flood stage, from the north, looking across the Kazanka and Zilantov Monastery.

"A old-ritualist church and market on the shore of Lake Kaban in Kazan": A view of the southern shore of Lake Kaban which highlights Kazan's religious diversity. In the background are Orthodox cathedrals. In the middle distance the Haymarket mosque…

View along the wall of the Kazan Kreml, toward the gatehouse entrance.

A view of the "Rybnoriadskaia" fishmarket square, ca. 1900

A view of the Kazan Kreml from across the Kazanka, depicting the low, flood-prone meadows that surrounded the city.

A view of the flooded lowlands around the Kazanka River, from the Admiralty district, featuring the pyramidal "Memorial to the Soldiers who Fell during the Conquest of Kazan."

"The Main Tatar mosque in Kazan": one of Kazan's first two mosques, built in the 1760s. During the nineteenth century it was associated with the patronage of Kazan's Iunusov merchant dynasty, and came to be called the al-Marjani mosque, after…
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