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"Kazan-Iunusov square and the house of B. K. Apanaev": A scene from about 1900 which linked the two Tatar merchant dynasties that had towered over economic life in Kazan throughout the nineteenth century--the Iunusovs (who had once owned this…

A view of the Bulak Canal from the late nineteenth century.

Seen at the end of the 19th century, this building was once the home of Karl Fuks. Fuks was a German transplant who became beloved in Kazan as professor, physician and scholar. One of his passions was amateur ethnographic study of the city's Tatar…

A view of the "wooden city" that lay behind the prosperous core area.

A view of the "Rybnoriadskaia" fishmarket square, ca. 1900

A picture of St. Catherine's Lutheran Church from the late nineteenth century, as it appeared after its reconstruction in the 1860s. An earlier Lutheran church stood on the site from the late 1770s.
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