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A view of the working waterfront of the Admiralty district, during the spring flood-stage.

"A old-ritualist church and market on the shore of Lake Kaban in Kazan": A view of the southern shore of Lake Kaban which highlights Kazan's religious diversity. In the background are Orthodox cathedrals. In the middle distance the Haymarket mosque…

"General view of the city of Kazan:" The view from the Kreml at the end of the nineteenth century, looking out over the Kazan women's monastery and the northern part of the city.

"Kazan Tatar horse race": With the highlands north-east of Kazan reserved for use by ethnic Russians, Tatar holidays like Saban were usually celebrated in the soggy meadows south of town. This picture depicts, in stylized form, a Tatar competition…

A view of the "wooden city" that lay behind the prosperous core area.

"View of the Kazan Fortress" : a scene of the Kreml, showing the portable bridges used to span the Kazanka for most of the year, and then removed during the flood.

View of the bridge along the "Siberian Highway" on the north-eastern outskirts of town.

A view of the Kazan Kreml from across the Kazanka, depicting the low, flood-prone meadows that surrounded the city.

"Kazan": Panorama of the city depicted at the flood stage, from the north, looking across the Kazanka and Zilantov Monastery.

"View of the city of Kazan from the south shore": A panorama of Kazan, looking north / northeast across Lake Kaban.
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