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"View of the greeting of the Smolensk Mother of God in the city of Kazan": Every year the Sedmiozhernaia replica of the Smolensk Mother of God icon--a sacred relic reputed to have saved the city from more than one epidemic and disaster--was brought…

"View of the Kazan Fortress" : a scene of the Kreml, showing the portable bridges used to span the Kazanka for most of the year, and then removed during the flood.

View along the wall of the Kazan Kreml, toward the gatehouse entrance.

A view of the Kazan Kreml from across the Kazanka, depicting the low, flood-prone meadows that surrounded the city.

A view of the so-called Suyembika tower, a structure located within the grounds of the Kazan Kreml and apocryphally claimed to predate the Russian conquest of the city in 1554.
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