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"Kazan Tatar horse race": With the highlands north-east of Kazan reserved for use by ethnic Russians, Tatar holidays like Saban were usually celebrated in the soggy meadows south of town. This picture depicts, in stylized form, a Tatar competition…

A view of Voskresenskaia street, one of Kazan's major thoroughfares, lined with upscale residences and shops, public buildings, and churches.

A view of the church near the central Gostinnyi Dvor marketplace.

A view over the rooftops of the centrally-located Peter and Paul Cathedral.

A view of the relatively open area north of the Kreml, dominated by the Kazan Women's Monastery. Behind the Monastery is the Kazaka River, and Zasypkinaia Street which hugs the shoreline.

A view of the so-called Suyembika tower, a structure located within the grounds of the Kazan Kreml and apocryphally claimed to predate the Russian conquest of the city in 1554.

A view of the Kazan Kreml from across the Kazanka, depicting the low, flood-prone meadows that surrounded the city.

View of the bridge along the "Siberian Highway" on the north-eastern outskirts of town.

View of the Ivanovskii Monastery.

View along the wall of the Kazan Kreml, toward the gatehouse entrance.
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