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Maps of the city of Kazan from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


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Plan gubernskago goroda Kazani
"Plan of the Provincial Capital of Kazan": An official map of the city of Kazan, ca. 1817.

Plan Gubernskomu Gorodu Kazani
"Plan for the provincial capital of Kazan": A master plan for the layout of the city, developed at the decree of Catherine II. Finished in 1768, the plan was largely implemented after the city was sacked and burned in 1774 during the Pugachev…

Satsyperov map of Kazan, 1730
One of the earliest city maps of Kazan, developed by an engineering officer named Artemon Satsyperov in 1730.

Plan Gubernskago goroda Kazani s Ego Okrestnostiiu
"Plan of the Provincial Capital of Kazan, with its Surroundings": an area map of the city, ca. the 1830s.

Plan G. Kazani s Okrestnostiami
"Plan of the City of Kazan with its Surroundings": 1887.

Plan Goroda Kazani
"Plan of the City of Kazan": 1884.
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