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Kazan cityscapes




Images of outdoor scenes from various locations in the city of Kazan during the 19th century.


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Vue de la Ville de Kazan du Cote du Sud
"View of the city of Kazan from the south shore": A panorama of Kazan, looking north / northeast across Lake Kaban.

"Kazan": Panorama of the city depicted at the flood stage, from the north, looking across the Kazanka and Zilantov Monastery.

Street of the Ascension
A view of Voskresenskaia street, one of Kazan's major thoroughfares, lined with upscale residences and shops, public buildings, and churches.

Tower in the market place, Kazan
A view of the church near the central Gostinnyi Dvor marketplace.

Cathedral of St. Peter - St. Paul, Kazan
A view over the rooftops of the centrally-located Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Monastery of Kazan
A view of the relatively open area north of the Kreml, dominated by the Kazan Women's Monastery. Behind the Monastery is the Kazaka River, and Zasypkinaia Street which hugs the shoreline.

Tower of Suyumbeka
A view of the so-called Suyembika tower, a structure located within the grounds of the Kazan Kreml and apocryphally claimed to predate the Russian conquest of the city in 1554.

Fortress of Kazan
A view of the Kazan Kreml from across the Kazanka, depicting the low, flood-prone meadows that surrounded the city.

General view of Kazan, at the period of the inundation
A view of the flooded lowlands around the Kazanka River, from the Admiralty district, featuring the pyramidal "Memorial to the Soldiers who Fell during the Conquest of Kazan."

Barrier of Siberia, Kazan
View of the bridge along the "Siberian Highway" on the north-eastern outskirts of town.
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